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The Independent Insurance Agents Association of Greater Oklahoma City dates back to 1930. We even have minutes from business meetings dating back to 1934! Many things have changed about the organization through the years, but our commitment to professional growth and giving back to our community has never waivered.

In the early years, IIAA of OKC was limited to independent insurance agents only. However, members saw the value in regularly meeting with insurance company representatives as a group, so an associate member level was added for underwriters, marketing professionals, and other key insurance company roles.

Throughout its history, IIAA of OKC as an organization has written insurance policies for specific organizations. The commission from those policies helps support our philanthropic efforts, including donations for first responder training and equipment, scholarships for students pursuing a degree relevant to the insurance industry, and much more. In recent years, we have also added service events to allow our members an opportunity to connect with each other while serving the community.